The Noise Gate: Issue #1

Presented by Headliner

Presented by Headliner

The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.

Robert Henri

Welcome to The Noise Gate

There are some top-notch podcasting newsletters out there covering the latest industry happenings.

This isn’t one of them.

This space is designed to connect you with a more deeply creative podcasting experience.

Every week, you’ll find something new to refill your creative bucket, including insightful essays, actionable wisdom from industry legends, free professional feedback, and further recommendations to help you discover your most innovative ideas—all in a bite-size newsletter.

All that to say: 👋 Hello. My name’s Doug Fraser and I’m glad you’re here.

What do you say we dig in?

Clear the Table

We’ve all been there. You’re listening to an old episode of your podcast and you wish you did things differently. Instead, you pulled a punch. You cut a corner.

You left something on the table.

The result is an episode that, though it might be good enough, never lived up to its full potential.

Maybe an idea could have been more deeply researched. You could have pressed a guest harder on an answer missing that special something.

So…what stopped you?

This isn’t a rallying cry for perfectionism. In fact, I’ve found perfectionism in my own work to be the enemy of three important things:

  1. Enjoying the process

  2. Respecting other work that needs my attention

  3. Finishing the damn thing

Leaving nothing on the table and perfectionism are two distinctly different approaches.

The first is a deliberate, sustained effort within a given timeframe.

The latter is a form of tunnel vision, of hiding from other obligations, of seeing the work as a reason to sacrifice everything outside of the work.

We’re creators—perfectionism is part of us. But it’s the professional who takes their perfectionism and domesticates it. The wild beast still lives inside, but it’s given rules, boundaries, and expectations. With the snap of your fingers, its actions are focused. What was once a tyrant becomes a tool.

No episode will be perfect. But every episode deserves a cleared table.

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Further Exploration

From the book’s opening quote (used at the top of this issue), The Creative Act sets the stage for what’s to come: a deep well of inspiration from one of the music industry’s wisest and most eclectic producers. Don’t let the 400+ page count fool you. It’s an easily digestible book that quickly rubber bands you back into a creative headspace, making you want to put it down and get back to work.

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- Doug